Welcome to One Foot Software, creators of Hanzi Flashcards. We've taken everything that makes paper flashcards so popular and effective as learning aids and brought it to the iPhone. Hanzi Flashcards will let you learn and practice simplified Chinese characters anywhere and anytime.

  • Simple - Perhaps the biggest advantage of paper flashcards is that it really doesn't get any simpler. A question on the front, an answer on the back. Hanzi Flashcard's clean, easy to use interface preserves this simplicity. Plus, you'll never drop or tear a card again.
  • Portable - You can throw a stack of flashcards in your pocket and bring them anywhere you go, if you don't forget them or lose them under your bed! When your flashcards are on your iPhone you know you'll always have them with you.
  • Convenient - Flashcards can be used any time you have a spare moment for a quick refresher or a mini cram session. Hanzi Flashcards are no different, and will remember exactly where you left off. So you can practice while sitting at the bus stop, during commercial breaks, or while you wait for the annual HR meeting to finish.

Take a tour of Hanzi Flashcards and see what to expect.