A Guided Tour

There are two different looks you'll see while using Hanzi Flashcards. The first is the browsing mode where you select which category of words you would like to practice. Navigation works just like many Apple applications, and the experience should be just like browsing through songs in iTunes. Touch a category to see the subcategories it contains. A back button can be found in the upper left.

An example of category browsing.

Viewing the "Time" subcategory, a part of the larger "Numbers" category.

Once you've chosen a category, press the practice button in the upper right corner to start learning. If you want to practice a larger category, you can always touch the "All Words" item to practice every word from all the shown subcategories.

Touching "All Words" will enter Practice Mode using all the words from "Counting" and "Time".

Practice mode begins by showing you a random character. When you think you know the answer, press the "Answer" button to see if you were correct. After seeing the answer, you can grade yourself! Simply press correct or incorrect and we'll keep track of your results. Characters that you mostly get correct will be shown less often, since it's fairly clear that character has been well and learned.

Some people question why the software can't decide if your answer is correct or not. The short answer is that it can! We've just found that all that typing slows down the process. Preserving the speed and simplicity of paper flashcards was deemed more important. Plus, who doesn't like grading themselves?

The black arrow buttons move back to see past characters or forward for new ones. The buttons can be used to grade yourself or ignored for speed.

If you'd like a second look at a character you just saw, up to the last 10 characters are stored in history. Pressing the black arrows on each side of the screen will navigate through the remembered history. The forward arrow can also be used to skim through characters with all possible speed. Users looking for an instant pop quiz won't find a quicker way of moving through the characters.